Towing & Truck Service

24 hr Emergency Towing: 1-800-439-8781

Welcome to Lenny's Towing & Truck Service

24 Hour Emergency Response Towing and Recovery. . . Anytime, Any Vehicle!

State of the art equipment is the key to damage free transportation. Our low approach angle flatbed carriers can load and transport your precious cargo with ease. Our certified operators are trained to handle every possible situation from transportation to emergency accident recoveries safely and efficiently.

Heavy Duty

Our State of the art heavy-duty trucks can handle anything from the heaviest construction vehicles and armored trucks to the most delicate motor homes. All our heavy duty units are equipped with wheel lift attachements to ensure damage free service.

Fleet Wash Service

Our mobile fleet wash team will come to your location on your fleet's down time to wash your vehicles. We can wash all size vehicles on a schedule that fits your needs.

Contact us for pricing to fit your budget.